8 November 2017

here is the cornfield. the sun is golden orange...


19 October 2017

butterfly tree

here is our butterfly tree.
a sheet of paper inch squared.
some butterflies. glue. (as sewing was impossible)
beetroot juice.
an one cupboard door to display said work.

also one small red split lentil for display purposes only.

kisses Lilly xx

24 September 2017

My meadow, my log cabin begins

here is the beginning of the log cabin lap quilt.
the top right area is for resting in,
the other rooms for study, relaxation, eating.
the doorway?
well, this is easy to find.  just enter in.

Lilly xx

13 August 2017

wiv tries the pattern too making smaller flowers

over in the cornfield with wiv the mouse
we will be beginning to make our version
an hope all will go well for us.

with thanks to this pattern we found in
Ravelry:knitted Poppy
to begin.

also we provide
a link to our web page
 Poppy_Cornfield for friendship.

Lilly xx

14 June 2017

an here are some pictures from today...oregano

 ...bay tree

have a blessed day,

Lilly xx

13 June 2017

the pages of the book are open...what will i see as i read?

a turning point...an i walk through to the tree an on into the meadow beyond...

Lilly xx

3 June 2017


Lillys friend reckons this is the best place for her
as there will soon be a new sort of advancement over
on the right of this blog.  our cow came with a blue check meadow an a flower enhancement,
a white violet with a dash of golden yellow...
butterless an friendly she lies under this violet tree, an listens for her beloveds tread over the grass.

kisses xx