7 April 2017

a little tree with a lot of fruit

its not quite the end, there are some more to put on the right side. but it looks better don't you think?
i lifted the material just now, forgetting the leaves weren't pinned, but have them back in place
its a little tree with a lot of fruit.
i have some more grass with daisies to cover the darker green. the meadow goes into violet
further in,
i have an aversion to faces in design an will make the shape as right as i can. its gotta be right.

thank you for visiting me here.

Lilly xx

3 April 2017

weird an its just a first

an its leaning to the right....i feel there should be more fruit on it. ............       .perhaps over here...
anyway i'll sit downstairs an sew the rest on.
perhaps tomorrow.
fifteen minutes past midnight...


Lilly xx

31 March 2017

an finally

my kid sister promised me she will
make me a quilt. someday.

when you come here you will
find an imaginary friendship

with the beginning of my fruit tree where i pin in place all of the fruit an then write my blog post
over at great grace. (link).

Lilly xx

16 March 2017

6 January 2017


new material for my stash. an for a log cabin for Lilly's meadow. its really lime green not yellow.
i am thinking of seven inch centres an two inch logs.  these colours are for the dark side and i will
either use plain or patterned white for the sunshine.
thank you to everyone who gave me such lovely material for Christmas. i am really looking forward to making this one.

Lilly xx